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5.3 Billion unique mobile connections and counting!


As of early 2022, there were 67 unique mobile connections per 100 people globally. Telecom and connectivity was already an integral part of most people’s lives, but COVID-19 just thrust the industry to the forefront – it is ever more critical to the smooth functioning of modern society.

We have been partners to a variety of telecom value chain participants across multiple geographies since the mid-90’s. They include hardware and infrastructure OEMs, infrastructure providers, wireline and wireless service providers, and device OEMs.

The rise of remote work and exploding demand for video conferencing alongside a rapid expansion of the digital economy have thrust the connectivity that telcos provide to the epicenter of our lives. This said, innovation is being driven by Big Tech on one hand and agile players leveraging technologies such as software defined networking and virtualization on the other. We work with wireless, wireline, cable, satellite, and alternative carriers on network strategy, deployment of innovative and next-gen technology, network monetization across go-to-market and customer service functions, and leverage M&A opportunities.

We have nearly 2 decades of experience supporting OEMs scale their business globally, navigate technology transitions, optimize channels to market, establish digital sales channels, and help device vendors drive recurring revenue through value added services and subscription models.

Over the past decade, while shareholder returns from telcos have stagnated, tower companies have led the way. At the same time, the burgeoning demand for data and the need to densify wireless networks to take advantage of new use cases that 5G will enable has amplified the criticality of fiber networks across geographies. We have supported investor clients on tower opportunity scouting across markets, small cell opportunity and strategy evaluation for a fiber infrastructure provider, and developed a granular view and forecast for telecom towers in an emerging market.

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