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Spectrum is the key to unlocking wireless’s potential!


Mobile Users

7.3 Billion mobile users worldwide in 2021


Mobile Data Usage

 Per capita mobile data usage (ex Wi-Fi) of 12-15 GB across N America, Europe and Asia-Pac in 2021

Mobile Data Growth

 25%+ annual growth expected in mobile data consumption for the next several years

Mobile Data Speed

 5G is expected to be 100x faster, bring 100x more devices and have 5x lower latency

Operators worldwide have an insatiable appetite for spectrum. U.S. operators spent nearly $120B between 2019 and 2021 on spectrum auctions.

We help operators analyze and quantify the drivers of their spectrum demand, value spectrum and acquire spectrum either through auctions or in the secondary market. We have supported bidders on 3 continents across 3G, 4G, and 5G spectrum. Our spectrum engagements span the following activities.

Our Services

We help operators understand the need for and manage their spectrum assets optimally. We support operators through the entire spectrum lifecycle – from planning and acquiring new spectrum to clearing and deploying existing spectrum, to decommissioning and reframing spectrum towards next generation technologies.

With an expert understanding of underlying demand and supply drivers, our proven approach helps us compute a fair market value of spectrum assets and the trajectory of future appreciation. We triangulate to the value via 3 distinct approaches:

  • Tops-down benchmarking of relevant spectrum auctions and secondary market transactions globally
  • In-depth, bottoms-up cost avoidance modeling to determine operator’s next best option to augmenting capacity, i.e., capital-intensive densification
  • Value of spectrum to support the strategic and commercial goals of operators, be it reducing churn or improving the quality of their network

We support bidders develop a robust bidding strategy leveraging game theory principles, train clients in auction rules and bidding mechanisms, build tools that incorporate and conform to regulator’s auction rules and allow for real-time analysis of bids, develop and train client personnel in war-room processes, and provide both on-site and virtual war-room program management.

We combine extensive telecom industry experience and market specific knowledge to understand complex situations quickly, conduct economic analysis, identify options, outline negotiating strategies and articulate critical issues clearly in writing to support operator’s efforts to shape regulatory policy and compliance.

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