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Strategic planning for micro-cap telecom infrastructure OEM

Client Situation

A micro-cap telecom infrastructure OEM client had suffered 4 consecutive years of declining revenues and multiple leadership changes. The 3HA team was brought in to review the strategy of record, map the market and validate the alignment of strategy to growing profit pools and make targeted recommendations for refinements and potential course corrections to the strategy of record to deliver sustainable and profitable growth. In phase I of the engagement, a new strategy to drive organic and inorganic growth was developed. In phase II, the 3HA team helped create the 3-year strategic plan and 1-year financial plan.

3HA Approach

The engagement was broken into 3 discrete work modules:

  • Strategic framework & priorities – Defined the framework and priorities based on Phase I engagement and gathered management team input on framework and priorities
  • 3-year strategic plan – Created 3-year strategic plan template, split-up product lines/ BUs for either a) run-rate forecasting or b) forecasting based on tops-down analysis, and finalized 3-year financial projection
  • Fiscal year budget sync-up – Completed painstaking effort to sync-up with internal model, defined and quantified GTM investments for new products, and crafted detailed definition of plan with revenue, goals and KPIs


The following outputs were created and alignment gained with the management team and the business units:

  • SWOT analysis
  • Strategic objectives intended to drive meaningful revenue contribution in the 12-36 month time horizon to create the framework for the strategic plan
  • Initiatives aligned with the strategic objectives across 3 horizons to not only defend and expand core business, but also build on emerging opportunities and create viable options for long-term growth
  • 3-year financial plan with bottoms-up revenue, COGS, and opex buildup
  • New revenue stream gross profit contribution analysis
  • Alignment to upcoming year budget
  • Roadmap to ensure successful execution of strategic plan

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