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Bidder support & strategy for FCC auction for leading Latin American telco

Client Situation

A leading Latin American telecommunications provider had acquired a regional wireless business in the U.S. market from an incumbent and was looking for strategic advice and support prior to and during an FCC auction.

3HA Approach

We devised a 2-phase approach to support the client as shown below.

Figure 1

Findings And Recommendations

  • In-depth research combined with our knowledge base allowed us to bring unique insights on market trends and model future spectrum needs for key participants
  • Global benchmarking allowed us to derive a tops-down valuation for the spectrum

Benchmarks from worldwide 3.5 GHz band spectrum auctions

Figure 2: Benchmarks from worldwide 3.5 GHz band spectrum auctions

Sources: OECD, TeleGeography, United Nations – Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Eurostat, INSEE, Telecom Regulators, 3HA Research & Analysis 

  • Granular, county-level cost-avoidance modeling allowed us to define bid limits for the auction for each license area and for varying spectrum quantities (e.g., 1 block of 10 MHz to a maximum of 40 MHz available per bidder)
  • Bid strategy incorporated both the client’s strategic needs such as metro area densification and fixed wireless business plans as well as auction dynamics such as eligibility management and parking management
  • The game plan was defined under a variety of auction activity scenarios


The client won spectrum in all their priority geographies within their original budget. We supported the client during the auction to employ various tactics to drive down aggregate demand, flush out parking and accelerate equilibrium.

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