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Spectrum auction software tools & platform

Client Situation

A leading Latin American telecommunications provider had acquired a regional wireless business in the U.S. market from an incumbent and was looking for strategic advice and support prior to and during an FCC auction.

3HA Approach

Tools that were created in support of spectrum auctions included a secure database infrastructure and multiple war room tools:

  • Database infrastructure
    • Secure database to store auction data (hosted on Microsoft Azure)
    • Secure transfer mechanism of data between the database and other war room tools
    • Online interface to securely and efficiently upload the FCC issued round-by-round auction files to database
  • Scenario analysis tool
    • Excel-based tool with combinatorial optimization for bid optimization and budget exposure analysis
    • Assists with real-time auction analysis and valuation of potential bidding strategies and accounted for auction rules and bidder constraints and objectives
    • Enables evaluations and comparisons of impact on eligibility and budget of alternative bids
    • Tool linked to auction database, allowing the data to be updated in real-time
    • Tool would also generate CSV files to upload bid to FCC bidding system
  • Bid tracking tool
    • Tableau-based tool designed to assist in real-time auction analysis
    • Helps visualize auction information with option to move from big picture view of all licenses offered to granular views of auction status
    • Tool includes dashboard of user selectable metrics and information for each geographical area, an aggregate demand heat chart and a map view
    • Tool is connected to database for real-time data transfer and analysis

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